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Audiobook Playaways

Audiobook Playaways

The Challenger Library is now home to over 60 Audiobook Playaways! Thanks to a grant from the Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation ( and Goddard Foundation, we purchased 60 Audiobook Playaways and printed books to go along with each playaway.

The Playaway allows students to not only read a book, but hear the book read aloud by hooking headphones or speakers up to the device.

An audiobook can provide many benifits to students, including, but no limited to, the following:

  • Increased enthusiasm for reading
  • Students are often able to comprehend books at a higher level when hearing the book read aloud
  • Teaches critical listening skills
  • Introduces new vocabulary and difficult proper names and locations with ease
  • Gives students opportunites to try different genres that they might not normally read
  • So much more!

Check out this great article on reading audiobooks through the Reading Rockets website:

Come check out a Playaway today!