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Grading Policy and Grade Info.

Challenger 5th Grade Helpful Hints for Parents


  • Assignments under a 70% can be CORRECTED up to a 70%.  Follow your teacher’s procedures for corrections.
  • 10% will be deducted for assignments one day late.
  • 25% will be deducted for assignments two days late.
  • 50% will be deducted for assignments three days late.
  • If assignments are continuously turned in late, students need to review the proper use of LION Binder. 

Emailing Grades/Progress Reports

  • Progress reports will be email once a week by each teacher. 
  • If you are not receiving these progress reports make sure the office has your correct/updated email address. 
  • If there is an issue with a grade (missing assignment/low assignment grade) make sure you ask your child.
  • If there are continued issues with student’s grades they need to refer to the proper use of the LION Binder.



LION Binder

  • How students use their LION Binder:
  1. Fill out agenda completely for each subject.
  2. In the agenda, circle the assignment if it’s homework, cross it out if it’s finished. 
  3. The actual assignment is kept in the LION Binder (either in homework folder or subject folder), not in desks, lockers, or books. 
  4. Students keep assignments in LION Binders until they turn them in to the teacher of that subject, according to that teacher’s procedure. 
  5. Every evening students need to check agenda for homework and have parents sign.  If there is homework, make sure to put completed assignments back in LION Binder.

Absent Work

  • In the event your child misses school or a class, he/she is responsible for getting the assignments he/she missed from the teacher.
  • When your child is absent a phone call can be made to the office before 11:00 AM to make arrangements to have any work sent home for that day (either to be picked up or sent home with another student/neighbor). 
  • Each day a student is absent equals the amount of time he/she has to turn in assignments missed while he/she was gone.
  • Assignments due the day the student was absent are still due when he/she returns. 

Please communicate with me and we can work to resolve most any issues together.