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Discipline Policy

J. Aragon/K. Anderson 2016-2017

Capturing Kid’s Hearts in 5th Grade


We believe that good behavior in school and cooperating with others are essential elements to maintaining a positive learning community.  Therefore, we have a classroom plan that encourages this.

The students will earn incentives known as “Pride Bucks” for individual positive behaviors.  The Pride Bucks can be earned daily for behaviors such as turning in homework, getting “caught” doing what’s expected, working with others, etc.  The entire 5th grade staff at our school will be giving out Pride Bucks to students doing the right thing.  Students will accumulate Pride bucks until they have 50 which can be redeemed for coupons. Some of our coupons include a free homework pass, a free locker pass, wear a hat for the day, etc. Students will be in charge of keeping their Pride bucks in their LION binder at all times so not to lose them. We have explained that Pride Bucks are like money and once they are lost, they cannot be replaced.

Each class will be setting up a Social Contract in the next couple of days. These social contracts are created by the students and signed by each of them as an understanding that we expect what is written on the social contract to take place. Of course, there will be times when redirection is necessary because the learning environment is being disrupted. When these instances occur, the following steps will take place.

When a student makes a choice that conflicts with our Social Contract, the student will be asked a series of questions regarding the choices they are making and how to get on track. Corrective consequences may follow.


If the behavior continues and the learning environment is disrupted, the student will be asked to go to a separate location in the classroom or next door to fill out a Think Sheet that will be taken home and signed by a parent. This is a reflection time not an office referral. Every student will make mistakes but we want them to reflect and correct the behavior. This process should only take a couple of minutes and the student will rejoin the class. Corrective consequences may follow.

After filling out the Think Sheet, if the behavior continues, we will contact parents to discuss the choices the student has made. At this point, the behavior has become repetitive and we feel it is important to communicate that with the parents.


At this point, if the behavior continues, students will be given an office referral. There are some behaviors such as bullying and physical altercations that will not be tolerated and an office referral will be made without going through the previous steps.


***If a student receives 3 or more Think Sheets in a week, a detention may be given by the teacher.



            Additional behavioral support.  CHAMPS is a structured program used at Challenger to help guide students to success by clearly identifying expectations and behaviors in various situations. Ask your students to explain this acronym! We start using it day one.


Pride Buck Redemption Choices.

Chew gum

Treats from the treat tin

Free “A” coupon. Exchange the “A” for a completed daily assignment.

Wear slippers for the day

Work in a chosen location in the room

Choose a song to share with the class

Wear a hat for the day

Show and tell something

A POSITIVE call home from Mr. Herbig

Sit by a friend from the south cafeteria

Bring a pop to drink in class

Listen to music for the day


If you have any questions or need further explanation, please contact us by phone (794-4040) or email ( or


PLEASE SHOW YOU HAVE REVIEWED THIS BY SIGNING BELOW AND HAVING YOUR CHILD RETURN IT TO SCHOOL. This document will be housed in your child’s Lion Binder after 9/5/2016.

Student’s Name:___________________________________________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature:_________________________________________________________________________________